News about the Exhibition and more!

I just stumbled on an article about the Creating Change exhibition we had earlier this semester.  Click here to read it and look at some pictures from the event.  The exhibition went very well, we had a good turnout, great music, good food and some very good-looking posters on social enterprises that started out in our campus.  You can still see these posters at the Campus-Y, some are located on the 2nd floor of the building.

Another guest speaker lecture at UNC: Teddy Warria will be speaking on health, sustainable development and entrepreneurship in Africa on Thursday Dec. 3rd at the Nelson Mandel Auditorium (Global Ed. Center) at 5:30pm.

Finally, if you’re interested in entering the Carolina Challenge, there will be an information session at 6pm today (Wednesday Dec. 2nd) on writing a business plan.  Remember that the Carolina Challenge is not only for students that are interested in commercial ventures, if you have an idea for a social venture you can (and should) enter the social track of the Carolina Challenge.  As a student, the Carolina Challenge is a great way to network, gain experience in this field and have a chance to win some money for your venture!


Dan Ariely at UNC on Monday Nov. 30!

Keeping up with the habit of writing blog posts on guest speakers at UNC, I will Predictably Irrationalcopy the following e-mail I received from the economics majors’ listserv:

Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational will discuss how the principles of behavioral economics can help us understand some of the irrationalities that influence our everyday behavior, choices that we make when it comes to pricing, the effects that expectations have on our decisions, and the factors that cause us to behave [dis]honestly.

Here is a clip of Dan Ariely’s talk on TED on the same subject.  Dan Ariely has some interesting ideas on how we make decisions, his talk promises to be very entertaining and engaging.

Dan Ariely will be speaking on Monday November 30 at 6:30 pm in Hanes Hall 120.

Dambisa Moyo at UNC

Dambisa Moyo will be speaking at UNC’s Friday Center on Wednesday November 11th 2009 about aid from western countries to Africa and how it has failed.  Dambisa Moyo is an economist trained at Harvard and Oxford, who is on Time’s List of the World’s Most Influential People and a New York Times best-selling author.

Click here to learn more about this speaker event!

Creating Change Exhibition

Creating Change: How Carolina Grads are Leading Social Innovation

An exhibit presented by Project: Innovation

Thursday, October 29th 5:30-7:00pm in the Anne Queen Faculty Commons of the Campus Y

Sponsored by the Campus Y, APPLES Service-Learning Program, Carolina Center for Public Service, Department of Public Policy, and Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development for Students (SEEDS)

UNC students take their ideas all over the world while they are at Carolina and after graduation.  David Johnson, Andre’ Wesson, Kyley Schmidt, Myles Presler, and Joel Thomas are five Carolina graduates who have founded social ventures. They do everything from taking photos, importing silks, buying houses, publishing books, and feeding students in order to create change.  Drop in to learn about their successes, frustrations, and the communities that helped them build their ventures.

Refreshments will be served.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program Talk

So I was not able to go to this talk last night, due to a ridiculous amount of homework.  However, the DTH covered this talk, and the best I can do now is post the link to the article.  I do wish to write a blog on an event on campus that deals with a social business/entrepreneurship.  If you know of any interesting events that fit this description let me know!

DTH article on PEP.

Upcoming Events

I am a bad blogger.  I need to update this blog more often! To make up for my laziness and procrastination, I offer you a couple of interesting events that will be coming up in the next few weeks at UNC.

Catherine Rohr, founder and CEO of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program is speaking on Oct. 5th at the Koury Auditorium (at the Kenan-Flagler Business School). Here is a little more info:

Rohr, a former Wall Street investor, formed PEP in 2004.  She has recruited more than 1,000-executives, entrepreneurs and MBAs from 22 business schools to equip inmates with values-based entrepreneurial training that enables them to productively re-enter society.

Among PEP’s results:

  • a return-to-prison rate of less than 10 percent
  • an employment rate of more than 80 percent within 30 days of release, and
  • a rapidly growing network of entrepreneurial start-ups

Note that you must RSVP to:

The other event is a panel on student social entrepreneurship, sponsored by Project: Innovation, APPLES and the Carolina Center for Public Service that will take place on Wednesday Sept. 30th from 7-8:30pm in room 3503 of the Student Union.  This panel will be facilitated by Micah Gilmer (UNC’s Social Entrepreneur in Residence). Here is the blurb:

Have an idea for social innovation or entrepreneurship that you would like to turn into a reality? Come hear from student entrepreneurs, David Baron of HOPE Gardens and Anna Finestone of Project Heal, about the development of their innovative projects, the funding and resources they leveraged to address important social change, and recommendations to help you troubleshoot your project ideas.

This engaging panel discussion on social entrepreneurship will include funding information for a variety of public service and entrepreneurial fellowships offered through the Carolina Center for Public Service and APPLES.

Two awesome events to keep mark on your calendars!

Back to School Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry on this blog, but I think it’s about time for an update.

The fall semester has started at UNC and in the past two weeks I have seen many new faces, caught up with old friends, ate burritos in a rush, read some Kvetch’s on the DTH, and attended classes on economic development, econometrics, Geographic Information Systems, and history of western art.  It has been a great start to my final year here at UNC, and it looks like it will be a good (but busy) semester.  Unfortunately, this means I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to the Office of the Social Entrepreneur in Residence.  Nevertheless, I will do my best to post interesting events that are happening on the UNC campus related to social entrepreneurship.

We are currently in the process of creating an official page for the social entrepreneurship initiative.  This initiative, called Project: Innovation, aims to strengthen UNC Chapel Hill’s social entrepreneurship curriculum by adding more social entrepreneurship classes and having the Social Entrepreneur in Residence as a resource for assisting students and student organizations.  The website will be available on the Public Policy Department page, and all of the resources that are on this blog (which will remain here) will also be available on that page.  We are also planning on hosting an exhibition this semester, the date will be announced soon.  This exhibition will feature five social enterprises founded by UNC graduates.

Micah Gilmer (the Social Entrepreneur in Residence) is currently teaching PLCY 590 and is available for anyone who wants to talk on Wednesdays.  If you have an idea about a social business and want to have a discussion with him, send him an e-mail at: gilmer[at]email[dot]unc[dot]edu. Or if you want to check out other opportunities, look at the different resources on this blog, and tell me what you think!