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Dan Ariely at UNC on Monday Nov. 30!

Keeping up with the habit of writing blog posts on guest speakers at UNC, I will Predictably Irrationalcopy the following e-mail I received from the economics majors’ listserv:

Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational will discuss how the principles of behavioral economics can help us understand some of the irrationalities that influence our everyday behavior, choices that we make when it comes to pricing, the effects that expectations have on our decisions, and the factors that cause us to behave [dis]honestly.

Here is a clip of Dan Ariely’s talk on TED on the same subject.  Dan Ariely has some interesting ideas on how we make decisions, his talk promises to be very entertaining and engaging.

Dan Ariely will be speaking on Monday November 30 at 6:30 pm in Hanes Hall 120.